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Like everything else, the cosmetic industry too has evolved immensely over time. Today, we decided to give you a run down and tell you everything that we know about makeup from 19th century.

Makeup from 19th Century

Skin Care

From the early nineteenth century on, skin care makeup was especially vital to well-off women.

  • Cleansers and moisturizers which are created with animal fats and scented with rosewater and similar components. They were used to keep the skin soft and clear.
  • Home recipes which were often related to cucumbers, strawberries or milk became very popular.


At some stage in the 18th century the rich women typically wore a white face makeup which was made from lead and fat.

  • Through the 19th century, this fell out of fashion.
  • Tinted foundations were available.
  • However had been now not popular, specially among ladies of correct popularity.
  • Powder which was normally made from rice flour was utilized by girls of the upper classes. And it turned into taken into consideration socially perfect.


Rosy cheeks were valued as a signal of suitable health. Therefore women regularly used blush or rouge to add shade to their cheeks. Therefore, this became the maximum popular cosmetic of the nineteenth century.

  • Blushes were available in drinks, powders, lotions or even in soaked sheets of crepe cloth.
  • Intensely pigmented, numerous specific sunglasses have been offered. They were maximum tinted with a pigment referred to as carmine.

Lipstick and Other Things

In addition eye make up and lipstick were some of the less commonplace cosmetics all through the 19th century.

  • Lamp black, or soot, became now and again combined with oil or water to shape a black product.
  • Also, They could be used as eyeliner, shadow or mascara.
  • Furthermore, the effect became unnatural and was not typically used.
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