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Everyone wants to have a unique college look. There is absolutely no harm in wearing makeup to college as long as you don’t over do it. Nobody wants to see overdone makeup on college kids. Today, we decided to share some every day college makeup tips with you.

Keep it Minimalist

Retaining your make-up minimalist is the key to perfecting a herbal and clean look.

  • Start by using making use of a compact powder all over your face to prevent excess oil and shine.
  • When you have a couple of minutes in hand, you could use a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream to enliven your face right away.
  • Follow a touch of blush in a lighter colour like crimson or coral onto the cheeks using a fluffy powder brush.
  • This will add lifestyles for your face, making it look healthier.
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Keep your Eyebrows Natural

Flow onto the brows. Use an eyebrow pencil and create thin hair like strokes, retaining it as herbal as possible. End with the aid of blending it with a spoolie brush.

Make your Eyes Appear Soft

Use a watch pencil to line your higher eyelid. Right here, the usage of a dark brown eye pencil. Smudge out the tough line and mix it absolutely with the assist of a smudging brush or a pencil brush. Smudging the attention pencil will deliver a softer and natural look in your eyes.

Avoid Shimmer and Eye Shadows

Set the smudged pencil line with a mild brown matte finish eyeshadow. It is always endorsed to keep away from shimmer and satin end eye shadows for university make-up as it can look overdone and unflattering.

Go for a Soft Lipstick

Finish the appearance through swiping a coat of your favorite lip shade. You can also use a lip balm or a lip gloss in location of a lipstick to preserve your make-up natural.