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You need to take care of your makeup brushes the same way you take care of your hygiene. If your brushes aren’t clean, they could lead to a lot of skin related issues. Not just that, if your brushes aren’t clean your makeup would also not come out right. This is why we are going to tell you how to clean makeup brushes the right way!

We know it can be taxing trying to clean makeup brushes but if you follow the rules below, your brushes will thank you and you will thank us!

Foundation Brushes Need to be Cleaned Every Other Week

We know it sounds excessive but trust us, its not. The foundations and other cream based product quickly turn into formulations and could at least damage your brushes and at most give you a break out. If you are an active user of these brushes then you may need to clean them every day!

makeup brush

Powder Based Brushes Should be Washed Once a Month

If you keep using your brushes without cleaning, the resulting build up could affect the pigmentation of your product. It could ultimately affect your entire look. This way, you are also preventing bristle damage by not cleaning them too often.

powder brush

Use a Gentle Cleanser

If you’ve invested in natural brushes, then you need to take care of those like you would take care of your own hair! Natural brushes can be easily damaged and that is why you need to clean them with a gentle cleanser. The best option is to use baby shampoo because it’s gentle and removes all the oil, wax and other build up without making your bristles rough. Be gentle when cleaning your brushes, and don’t put the head directly for rubbing. It could give your bristles split ends and rough edges.

baby shampoo

Point them Downwards to Dry

It’s important that once you pat dry your brushes on a towel, you dry them pointing downwards. If you let the brush head point upwards, all the water will go down to the ferrule (the metal holding bristles together). This could affect the glue. Make sure the ferrule is dry at all times.

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