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Winter brings dryness to skin and there are ways to treat it. Cold creams are not just for your face, they are for your body too and if you have a dry skin then you need to especially apply cold cream on your body.


We will tell you how to apply cold cream to your body:

As a Base

Regularly you get stressed while buying a really perfect basis for your skin tone. With cold cream, you haven’t any such confusion. Practice it as the base of your makeup and it’s going to maintain your skin soft and dispose of all of the blemishes. That is a way to use a cold cream for pores and skin care.

base faiza beauty cream


To Clean Eyes

while it comes in your eyes, you can not use any product, as it may viable cause an eye infection. Scoop out the cold cream as a great deal as required and rub down it gently round your eyes. Take a cotton ball and wipe out. Splash a few cold water to wash any residue.

Clean Skin

that is one of the best methods to use cold cream for your pores and skin. After waking, lather your pores and skin with a few cold cream after which wipe your face with a tissue. Splash cold water to have a fresh feeling.

Lather Dry Skin

The skin in your elbows, knees and ft gets dry and hard very without problems. You’ve got attempted plenty of methods, but not anything has given you a permanent result, proper? So, lather the ones areas with cream and try and cowl it. you’ll get soft and easy pores and skin inside some days.

As a Lip Balm

Why to search for some other manner to apply cold cream for your pores and skin, when you could use it as a lip balm? Alternatively of buying one one at a time, use your cold cream to your lips and get smooth and easy lips right away.

As a Body Lotion

On wintry weather days, you may forget to hold your body lotion. Is dryness of the pores and skin bothering you? Do you have got your little box of cold cream? well, practice it for your palms and arms and see the magic.