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Winters can be really harsh for some people. The skin gets dry, the weather gets cold and it’s just hard to cope with. We are bringing you tips so you can protect yourself from harsh winter weather.


The following tips will help you survive the harsh winter weather:

Avoid Hot Showers

Hot showers should be avoided within the wintry weather as they strip the body of the important oils had to hold your body lubricated. They act as a protection in opposition to cold temperatures. Now not most effective will your skin benefit from heat showers, your muscle tissues can gain from them as well.

Hot showers

Don’t Shower too Frequently

One shower an afternoon is ideal and your quality bet might be to stick with this schedule. In case you live an energetic life-style including sports activities and ordinary journeys to the health club, you will obviously should shower extra often.

Stay Away from Chemical Soaps

Cleaning soap can purpose all varieties of havoc to your skin – specifically inside the winter.

Soaps faiza beauty cream


A current have a look at via leading dermatologists detail how cleaning soap residue causes skin irritation that further compounds whilst you have cold climate into the combination. As a substitute – search for soaps that have natural substances.

  • A key tip is if you can not pronounce the list of ingredients, it probable isn’t worth the usage of to your body.

Washcloths and Towels are a No!

Maximum of us were using a washcloth for our whole lives. It makes you feel easy with the aid of literally it strips your pinnacle layer of skin off!. It is also one of the important reasons of dry skin


There is a cause that men greater than ever are incorporating a moisturizer to the pores and skin care regime.A moisturizer will combat these factors, seeping into your pores supplying protection from the cold and revitalizing your pores and skin’s vital oils.

gel based moisturizers

Drink Sufficient Water

You ought to aim to drink as a minimum eight glasses of water an afternoon.

  • The factor is, you want your body to use its natural moisturizers and replenish the critical oils you lose in the course of the day.
  • As an opportunity, you may investigate consuming end result and vegetables which have high water content along with cucumbers and celery.
  • The easy task of consuming water is often forgotten but can provide huge blessings in case you take the attempt to drink greater of it.
Drinking Water Faiza Beauty Cream

Drinking Water