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Eczema is a medical condition of the skin in which patches of skin get inflamed and develop blisters that itch and can also lead to bleeding. To treat eczema, you need to not only focus on these remedies but also change your lifestyle.

The below natural remedies will help you treat eczema.

Coconut Oil

If you’re not allergic or intolerant to coconut, coconut oil is a great natural way to help get rid of your eczema problem. Putting a thin layer of coconut oil on the affected skin helps with the itching and pain. It soothes the skin that’s been affected.

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Sea Spray

If your eczema site is wet or oozy, then drying it is the way to go!

Just add a tablespoon of sea salt and a pinch of epsom salt to a cup of warm distilled water. You can add a couple drops of essential oil to it if you like. Just add this to a spray bottle and use it to spritz the affected area.

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Cod Liver Oil

Fermented cod liver oil is a great supplement for your body and it helps with eczema. It is great source of the fat-soluble vitamins A,D, E and K. It helps your body in tons of ways and taking a capsule once a day will do you a world of good. We promise!

cod liver oil

Magnesium Baths

If soaking in water doesn’t affect your eczema in a bad way, then detox baths will help your body heal. Just add epsom salt or magnesium flakes to your bath water along with a bit of sea salt or Himalayan salt. You can add vanilla extract and essential oils to your bath to make it fragrant and pleasing. Just soak in this for 30-35 minutes every few days and you will definitely start seeing the benefits on your skin.

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