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Heat can damage your hair but what do you do when you want hair curls? There are some ways to get those hair curls without damaging your hair with heat.

Below are a couple of ways in which you can curl your hair without having to use any heat at all.


These are perfect if you’re going for a wavy beach hair look.

Just wash your hair and let it dry to almost a 70%. After that, part your hair in the middle and make yourself some pigtails (braids) on each side. Make sure your braids are super tight, that way your hair wont frizz out when you open it. Keep your hair in braids until they dry completely. The best way is to go to sleep like this. When you undo your braids in the morning, you will have beautiful beach waves. Just run your fingers through your hair and put some setting spray on your hair and you are good to rock this hairstyle!


Pin Curls

Wash your hair and condition them well. Gently squeeze water out with a towel but try not to rub your hair with it. Afterwards, apply some hair gel to your hair so that they have some hold.

Start by sectioning the crown of your hair and secure it in a bun. Once secured, take a small 1 inch section of your hair from the side and start wrapping it around your index finger, from the end so that you end up with a loop. Hold it in place and roll it upwards until you feel it against your roots. Hold it flat against your scalp and secure it with a hairpin. Continue doing this until all your hair is in loops on your scalp, secured with hair pins.

pin curls

Wrap your hair in a scarf so that the pins remain in place and go to bed like this. In the morning, start undoing the curls by taking out the pins. Gently finger comb your hair and spray on some hair spray for that extra hold. Go dazzle!