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Split ends are caused due to may reasons. They can cause your hair to look like a hay stack and frankly, we could all do without them. To deal with split ends, all you need to know is in this article.

So here’s how you can treat, prevent and get rid of split ends.

Throw your Hair Dryer Away

Hair dryer is one of the main reasons why you have split ends. It dries out your hair by making it lose it’s natural moisture. It causes the ends to split. Let your hair dry naturally unless it’s an emergency!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has amazing benefits for your hair and one of them is treating split ends. Just massage coconut oil on your hair from root to tips and leave it overnight. Wash your hair in the morning and you should see your hair starting to get healthy in a few weeks. Do this regularly!

coconut oil

Argan Oil

After shampooing your hair while they are still damp, put 1-2 drops argan oil from mid shaft to ends. Let the oil dry in your hair and do this every time you wash your hair. The vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids present in argan oil make it the best source to rehydrate your hair. Rehydrated hair means no split ends.

argan oil

Source: Getty Images

Honey Hair Mask

Mix 2-4 teaspoons of honey with a teaspoon of coconut milk and a 3 teaspoons of milk. Apply this from your roots to your ends (only if your scalp isn’t oily). Let your hair stay like this for a couple hours and then wash with a mild shampoo. Do this twice a week. This mask prevents split ends because it strengthens the hair follicles. It also provides the necessary hydration and nutrition to your hair so there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be using this!