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While all natural oils have certain benefits associated with them, coconut oil stands out because it has countless uses. Everyone in the beauty world absolutely loves this natural miracle worker and we are here to tell you why!

Organic coconut oil has antibacterial properties which make it your skin’s best friend. It  isn’t even expensive so no need to think twice before buying it.
Here are some of it’s beauty uses:

coconut oil

Use as Hair Mask

Before you shampoo your hair, massage the mid to lower end of your strands with coconut oil and leave in for 30-45 minutes. Your hair will be shinier, softer and total goals!

Use as Conditioner

If you don’t like those chemical hair conditioners, get yourself some coconut oil.

Massage it on to wet hair after shampoo for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly and voila!

shiny hair

Nourishing Lip Balm

We all want super soft, supple lips and coconut oil is literally the best lip balm out there. Just massage some on to your lips before going to bed and wake up to super soft, pink lips!

soft lips

Source: ImaxTree

The Perfect Brow Gel

Admit it ladies, we all want the perfect brows and perfect brows demand the perfect gel. Well, look no further than your oil counter!

Take a cleaned mascara wand, dip it in some coconut oil and brush your brows in place with it. It will keep them in place throughout the day!


No Fuss Shaving Cream

Shaving can get ugly but not with coconut oil. Just slather the area you want to shave with it and your razor will work like magic leaving you with a precise shave and super smooth skin!

shaved legs

Source: The Hearty Soul

Easy on the Pocket Makeup Remover

Makeup removers can dent your wallet so just replace them with coconut oil!

Gently massage the oil all over your face and wipe with a cotton pad. Cleanse your face afterwards for a glowing, soft skin!

removing makeup