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Some Side Effects of Olive Oil

Everything has its share of pros and cons. Every product that we use has side effects, even something like olive oil. It’s a product that is recommended every now and then because of the countless benefits it offers. But, it has another side to it too. We have decided to share with you some side effects of olive oil so you can use it safely.

Side Effects of Olive Oil

Excessive use of anything can result in it causing you harm. Same is the case with olive oil. Below is a list of some of the side effects it may have on you if you are excessive with it.

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Cause of Acne

As mentioned above, everything is dangerous when it is used above the prescribed limit. If you are using excessive amounts of olive oil than you are actually welcoming acne on your skin! It actually makes a thick layer on your skin and the dust and other harmful chemicals get trapped in it. Therefore, it becomes a favorite place for the stay of pimples, acne or zits.

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Not Suitable for Baby Skin

It might be the best option for your skin but surely not for your baby! Babies have a very sensitive skin and it is too risky to apply any such oil on it. It will cause a painful irritation and rashes may also appear. PRO TIP: Better use virgin olive oil for babies if needed.

Can Cause Skin Rash

People having oily skin must avoid using oilive oil. Since your oily skin will already be producing large amounts of sebum so it is obviously not good to apply olive oil on your skin! If applied it can eventually result in skin rashes, allergies and also redness of your skin. Therefore, we advise you to first learn about your skin type and then think about using this oil.

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