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Eyeliner is an essential part of your skin makeup. And it actually over works on your rest of the makeup. Here we will be sharing some tips to prevent eyeliner from running.


Tips To Prevent Eyeliner From Running

So you need to follow these tips to make your eyeliner settle beautifully. We are doing this to make our skin look beautiful. And we absolutely hate it when it falls off from the proper shape. This usually happens in the extreme heat of summers. So let us look at the following points.

1- Do Not Bargain For Cheap Products

We usually like to have beauty products which are economical. But you need to understand that such poor products give poor results. Therefore, never settle for the cheap eyeliner.

2- You Need To Set Eyeliner With The Eye Shadow

One of the most effective ways to prevent eyeliner from running is to apply eyeshadow. It will help keep the liner in place. However, it will appear a bit damped as well.

3- Apply Concealer Under The Eyeliner

This is to be considered as well as a remedy. You have to apply the concealer before applying the eyeliner. This concealer will prevent the running down and be ruining the whole makeup. Also, it will hide all of the fine lines of your skin.

4- Use Eyeliner Pencils

Now, in case you are sick of the liquid liners because of the mess. You can go for using the eyeliner pencils. However, the waterproof pencils are highly recommended.

5- Do Not Apply Moisturizer To Eyelids

We do recommend you to apply the moisturizer on your face. However, when it comes to moisturizer on your, it is not recommended at all. The main reason is that it will act like the skin oils and smudge all of your eye makeup.