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Well, honestly we all hate having the aging process. But there is no lie to this fact, we all have to age. However, there are some beauty tips you need to follow now. 


3 Beauty Tips For Women Above 30

Now, 30 is the time when every woman fears losing the beauty. This is because the skin’s natural ability to maintain the beauty becomes less. And is scientifically proved by the less production of collagen etc. So here we will be discussing the amazing and easy to follow tips for dream skin.

1- You Need To Oil Up

So in the mid thirties or more specifically in the middle age, the eyebrows start thinning. Same happens with the eye lashes as well. So if you want to solve this then you need to oil up. The best oil is castor oil for this purpose. You will need nice mascara brush and this oil. You can apply this overnight and the result will be evident in a couple of days.

2- Foundation Needs More Care

There are a lot of brands which have started to cater the problems of mid age. They are producing products which will be compatible with your aging skins. So similarly for the foundations, the creams are rich in retinol producing products. These will make your skin appear youthful and beautiful.

3- Proper Administration Of Lip Liner

If you love applying bold lipsticks. Then you need to make sure that you are using proper lip liners. Alongside the proper lip liner, you need to apply concealer. The concealer will hide away the small tiny lines around lips and make your lips appear fuller and plump.