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In this busy life of extreme workload. It is obviously very difficult for anyone to get a pedicure every week. And eventually, we all have cracked heels. Here we will be sharing few tips to treat them.


Remedies For Treating Cracked Heels

The dried heels will not only look ugly but they will be a misery as well. We have also seen that people feel excruciating pain as well. This is not at all desirable or bearable. Here we will be sharing with you a couple of remedies to fill in the cracks of the heels in no time.

1- You Need Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is a must use for this issue of cracking of heels. It will add the lubrication effect in the cracks and help it heal. Add almost two tablespoons on the oil before make sure the heels are dried. Then you need to put on a pair of socks. Do this practice overnight and the results will be evident in a few days.

vegetable oil

vegetable oil

2- Get A Nice Fruit Mask

Now fruits are a super yummy and also rich in nutrients. These nutrients will keep your feet soft and heal them as soon as you want them to be healed. This process will certainly not require the sloughing off of the cells. You can use banana, avocado, and coconut etc.

3- Lemon Juice Application

Lemon juice is a fantastic exfoliator because it’s rich in acetic acid that clears up dead skin on your cracked, dried heels. There are a few ways you can use lemon juice for your heels. One way is to add lemon juice to mashed papaya, so that you form a foot mask that you then apply to your heels for up to 20 minutes. Another way is to squeeze lemon juice into a basin of warm water before soaking you feet for 15 minutes.