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We all know how good water is for our health. It is one of those things that you literally just can’t live without. But, did you know that there is a type of water that is even better than regular water for you? At least in some ways. It’s known as alkaline water because it’s pH level is slightly higher than regular water. For some people, a higher pH could be problematic but it has some great benefits too.

Reasons to Use Alkaline Water

Let’s take a look at the benefits of alkaline water and how it influences the normal metabolism of the body and why you should use it.

1- Good for Diabetic Patients

In accordance with a study conducted on rats by Korea, it has been found out that alkaline water reduced the levels of blood glucose. Alongside, it was found capable to lower cholesterol which is often correlated with diabetes. In another study, it was found out that this water is able to improve the blood viscosity in diabetics.

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2- Makes Bones Strong

If you have high levels of acid in your body then this will weaken your bones. And ultimately this will increase the risk of fractures. Why is it helpful? This water will normalize the levels of acid! Another research concluded that the population groups which consumed alkaline water had comparatively fewer bone fractures and a much less bone nutrient loss through urine. But to keep in mind, there is not much evidence to support if it is good for treating gout or arthritis.