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Get Glowing Skin with these Awesome Fruits!

By June 27, 2019February 20th, 2024No Comments

While we apply all sorts of products to our face and skin to make it healthy and glowy, we forget that we are what we eat. If we don’t eat well, it will show on our skin. You cant just get glowing skin from applying products, it also comes from eating the right kind of fruits and vegetables.


There are some super yummy and easily available fruits listed below for you which will allow you to get you glowing skin,

Papaya gives Glowing Skin

When it comes to shiny skin, papaya is the name on the tongue of every beautiful women. Papaya actually contain such substances which prevent the sagging of the skin. It has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. These properties not only keep the skin protected. But also make it appear glowing and shiny skin. Scientific research proves that it can also help in cure of eczema and acne.

  • You can eat a full bowl of yummy diced papaya in your morning wakeup.
  • Cut the papaya into small cubes and then mash it. After mashing apply it on your skin and rinse after 10 minutes. Here’s your perfect shiny skin!


Winters and orange! The perfect yummy combination. But here is something more than just taste. This yummy fruit has attributes which can help you in making a shiny skin. Oranges contain a large amount of vitamin C. this vitamin when added in your diet has a good effect on your skin. It prevents the wrinkles and keeps it fresh. It also reduces the damage caused by the sun rays. And most importantly prevents the inflammation on the skin surface.

  • You can eat a couple of oranges any time during the day.
  • Also you can extract the juice from the pulp of the orange.
  • You can also apply bits of orange pulp on the part of skin where there is pigmentation.