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When it comes to hair, women especially are super concerned. And they should be. Your hair is what sets the tone for your overall look and personality. If they are unkempt, they can ruin your entire image. Greasy hair is quite common and it looks really bad. Today, we will share some tips that will help you stay away from greasy hair.

How to Avoid Greasy Hair

In case you are new to hair issues and are already sick of the unwanted greasiness. Then make sure that you are following the guidelines listed below.

1- Regularly Change your Pillow Case

We can bet that you would have never thought about this. We usually consider this as an important factor in causing the greasy hair. You need to change your pillowcase at least thrice or four times a week. We recommend you to use satin pillowcases.

2- Always Wash your Hair Brush and Combs

Hair and combs have a long relation almost of a lifetime. And did you ever think that you need to keep your combs hygienic? Probably not. Well, that is one of the reasons you get this greasy hair. Make sure that whenever you use the comb it is free from any kind of dandruff flakes and dirt or even filth.

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3- Use Cold Water to Avoid Greasy Hair

Well in summers we all love using cold water to wash our body. And it is a blessing for us. It not only prevents the excessive hair fall but it will also keep your hair and scalp well hydrated. And this is will greatly reduce the levels of grease.

4- Condition before you Shampoo

Here is something you really need to know if you are in habit of conditioning your hair. You need to condition them at first and afterward go for shampooing them.

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