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Hair loss can occur at any point in your life due to a variety of reasons. It could be physical or mental stress, it could be poor diet or it could just be bad genetics. In either case, it is not something any of us like. There are countless treatments for hair loss out in the market but they are obviously very costly. We have decided to share some natural treatments for hair loss with you today to help you fix your problem.

Natural Treatments for Hair Loss

1- Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is one of the richest sources to nourish the tissues of your hair. Observe coconut milk for your hair. Coconut milk may be extracted by means of grinding the grated coconut and squeezing its juice (milk). This is a herbal home cure to prevent hair loss.

coconut milk

2- Aloe Vera Treatments for Hair Loss

Pure aloe gel or aloe juice can be implemented directly to the scalp for hair boom. This method can deal with hair loss, that’s triggered due to dry scalp. After massaging the scalp with aloe vera juice or gel, anticipate a few hours and wash it away with lukewarm water.

3- Coconut Oil

Normal oil massage, with lukewarm oil, of hair and scalp enables stimulate the blood float. Ensure the oil isn’t warm. Coconut oil is one of the excellent choice for oil massaging. Some other recommended oils are olive, jojoba, mustard, castor and almond.

4- Dried Amla

To deal with hair loss, boil some dried amla in coconut oil until the oil receives black. Allow it cool after which rub down the scalp with this oil. Amla can also be used as a substitute via making its paste. Follow the thick paste and wash it after a few minutes.

5- Garlic and Onion Treatments for Hair Loss

Both garlic and onion are a wealthy supply of Sulphur, and assist inside the growth of hair. To use onion, you want to chop it finely and extract out the juice. Rub down the scalp properly with this juice and wash off with a moderate shampoo.

Boil garlic with coconut oil, and apply it to your scalp while cool. Massage the scalp with this potion, two to three times every week, for exceptional effects.


6- Eggs

Eggs also are a rich source of Sulphur, protein, iron, phosphorus, zinc and iodine, and one of the exceptional home remedy for the re-boom of hair, especially while blended with olive oil.

7- Black Pepper with Lime

Seeds of black pepper and lime, whilst ground finely and applied on the scalp, show to be a excellent treatment to prevent hair loss.