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Uses of coconut oil are far and wide. It has been in use in households for centuries. Whether you want to cook something, treat a skin related problem or you’re looking for healthy looking hair; coconut oil is the way to go. It has properties that make it an excellent moisturizer and a great source of nourishment for your skin. Today, we decided to share some common uses of coconut oil with you.

So here we have listed the easy methods by which you can use this oil and get done with most of the difficult tasks of routines in an easy manner. Make sure you comment down reviews. Most of these tricks are related to beauty and skin care.

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Highlight your Cheekbones

You no longer need to buy expensive cheekbone highlighters worth thousands because now you can simply use coconut oil for this purpose.

Remove your Makeup

You simply need to take a cotton ball and drop a few drops of this oil over it. Now gently rub it over your facial skin and it will remove the makeup in seconds.

Use as Body Lotion

This oil is rich in the moisturizing nutrients. So now you can use it over your body and get the skin hydrated and nourished with the best positive results.

Body Lotion

Body Lotion

Use as Hair Serum

If you are worried because your hair keeps on getting tangled and dry. Juts take few drops of this oil and apply at the tips of your hair. This will leave your hair smooth and tangle free.

Make a Scrub

This needs a little more of natural ingredients to make a smart smooth scrub fit for your body. All you need is three to four tablespoons of coffee and coconut oil. Also, you can add few drops of your favorite fragrance. Now mix it well and apply it to your body at least thrice a week to get the best results.