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Calluses and corns are developed due to certain reasons. They primarily appear on soles of feet and the major cause for that is usually uncomfortable shoes. If you don’t take proper care of your feet and soles, you could develop these too and they can be quite painful. They cause extreme discomfort and if left untreated for long, they could cause you a lot of trouble.


Below we will tell you how to get rid of calluses and corns naturally

Lemon Juice

In terms of herbal pores and skin care, there is nothing like lemon juice.

  • Uncooked lemon juice is an extremely good bleach which enables in lightening suntans, blemishes, darkish spots, and pimples scars correctly.
  • It is also a terrific remedy for foot corn removal that works slowly however genuinely without fail.
  • The citric acid in lemon juice softens the difficult top layer of the corns and calluses and progressively gets rid of it.
  1. Follow uncooked lemon juice on the corn and let it dry out.
  2. Repeat this approach as regularly as you need because it has no side effects in any respect.

Epsom Salt and Chamomile Tea

The aggregate of Epsom salt and chamomile tea makes a nourishing and healing therapeutic foot soak for foot callus treatment. This helps in softening and loosening lifeless skin cells that form the corn and calluses. It softens the lifeless cells that deposit on the topmost layer of the calluses which can then be eliminated via the use of a pumice stone or callus record.

  1. Prepare a foot soak with the aid of tossing in a handful of Epsom salt in a basin of heat water.
  2. Add some chamomile tea to it.
  3. Soak your foot in the answer for 10 mins and then rub the top layer of the corn using a pumice stone.
  4. The treatment would possibly take some weeks but it’s fine to take things slowly.
  5. Due to the fact seeking to dispose of the complete corn in at some point will make things worse.