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Our skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. It is also the one that is most exposed and thus can easily be damaged. There are countless skin care products and beauty creams out there. But, you need to be vary of fake beauty creams and products. They can do irreparable damage to your skin.

First of all their target became women, now there are fairness lotions for guys as well.  It is they are advocated by many popular celebrities. This is very unlucky as the no one knows what is composition of a beauty cream. These celebrities are making the idea greater digestible for a common guy. As a end result, those are sold off in massive amount even though they are fake beauty creams.

Here are things that fake beauty creams are made of


The mercury is utilized in fairness creams because it prevents melanin formation in pores and skin giving it a lighter shade. However, mercury is a risky substance and its utilization on pores and skin is also harmful. It can cause scarring and skin rashes. Moreover, long term use can damage kidneys and brain.

Mercury faiza beauty cream



Harmful Steroids

Furthermore, steroids are the second important component of your beauty cream. Maximum of the pores and skin lightning lotions incorporate corticosteroids. Furthermore, These compounds are dangerous to your skin. Consequently, their misuse in beauty products can result in thinning of your skin. In addition they can cause multiplied boom of facial hair.


Did you know lead is frequently found within the equity creams and other pores and skin lightning products.Therefore, It’s far a toxic heavy metallic with sick outcomes as follows;

  • Starting from headaches
  • Muscle aches to critical issues
  • Including infertility
  • Memory loss.

Exposure to it all through being pregnant can cause headaches or even miscarriages.


Chromium is located in large quantity in skin lightning cosmetics. The quantity exceeding around 15 time is in the permissible limits. Similarly the factor is vulnerable to reason different fitness problems when it comes to a carcinogen. The harmful effects are following;

  • Consisting of scaly, infected, dry pores and skin
  • Respiratory situations which includes bronchitis and asthma.