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Winters are harsh on you and your skin. They especially affect sensitive areas of your skin like your lips etc. Your lips can become dry and flaky in winter and they will hurt you like anything. Dry lips are the worst because you cannot even smile without getting a crack in them and having them bleed. You need to protect your lips from the harsh weather and we are sharing tips that will help you do just that.


Some people wonder why would you need to protect your lips. Well, they are like any other part of your skin and they are actually more sensitive so you better get going.

Dehydration, smoking, malnutrition, or use of particular remedy often ends in cracked and chapped lips. Winter season is also marked by this hassle.

Some Remedies

These home remedies are very powerful for maintaining the lips smooth and easy.

Use Honey and Vaseline

Rub honey on to your lips, and apply a coating of Vaseline on top and leave it on for 10 to 15 mins. Wipe smooth with the help of a moist cotton swab. Repeat each day for an entire susceptible.

Cucumbers are a Great Help

Rub skinny slices of a cucumber on your lips and let them on for 15 mins. Wash with cool water.

Get some Rose Petals

Soak rose petals in uncooked milk. Leave them settled and soaked for a few hours. Weigh down them and practice to your lips. Leave on for 15 mins. Wash with clean water.

DIY Scrub

Blend spoons of brown sugar in some drops of olive oil and half spoon honey. Let it relaxation for five mins. Rub the aggregate on lips.

Lemon Juice and Honey

Blend one spoon lemon juice in a single spoon honey and 1/2 spoon castor oil create a paste and apply on lips before going to bed. Wash inside the morning.
Follow olive oil in your lips two times per week.

lemon and honey


Water is the most crucial component for preserving lips clean. Drink ample amount of water daily. other than other fitness benefits it’ll additionally preserve the lips gentle and easy.

warm water

This is how you take measure to protect your lips, these are easy and very handy in cases of winter dryness of lips.