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Our hair goes through a lot in a day. We need to take special care of it. Have you ever realized that the hair cut you just got could be money down the drain? Because after a week you feel like your hair doesn’t look as good as it first did when you got them cut. Yes, we have been there too. Which is why, we decided to share this with you. In this article, you will find tips to make that hair cut you just got last longer than ever!


Lifestyle changes are good to make sure you get the best out of the beauty practices. Here we have researched and enlisted all the essentials you need to make sure your haircut does not die away within months.

Wash your Hair Twice a Week

There are two things you must put in concern when it comes to the hair wash. Firstly do not wash your hair every day of the week. It will weaken the roots. And secondly, wash at least twice a weak. This will keep the balance!

Use Microfibre Towel

You need to be careful with the material with which you are drying your hair. You should really stop using the terry towel and instead dry your hair with the microfiber towel. If not available than dry using a t-shirt. This will definitely prevent the odd lengths after the nice haircut.


Use a Comb

One of the most important things is the combing of your hair. Throw away all the brushes which you have been using. We recommend you to use wide combs. They will prevent the detangling of the hair and hair loss.

Oil your Hair

Like any other machine, your body also needs oil to keep the things in proper working and function. We advise you to oil your hair at least thrice a month. This will not only keep the texture smooth. And make your haircut fine and perfect for a year almost.