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Healthy Routine Essentials Guide

By December 10, 2018No Comments

We all talk about fixing our lifestyle. We all dream about switching to a healthy way of life. It is not easy, we understand that. Which is why we are here with the little changes that you could make that would have a lot of contribution to moving you towards a healthy routine.  


So it does not matter if you have not added these habits in your lifestyle or routine journal. It is never too late to practice the right thing. Here is the best list you need to know to get the skin beauty back in no time with this healthy routine.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Make sure that you are not waking up late till midnights. It is okay if you have deadlines and you are skipping some nights of good sleep. But you better not make it a habit! You must go to bed around 10 maximum and get yourself a good peaceful sleep of eight hours. This will make you fresh, your skin all glowy and rosy and your health in the perfect state.

Make Sure to Drink Plenty of Water

Now, take this too literal. By drinking plenty of water, we mean drinking enough water too keep your body hydrated. you need to drink at least one or one and a half liter of water every day. This will help in removing the toxins from your body.

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Keep your Skin Moisturized

You need to do this every day. Right before going to bed, you need to take out ten minutes and give it to your skin for the better good.

  • In case you have an oily skin, you need to take a teaspoon of honey and add a pinch of camphor. Now, gently massage this into your skin.
  • For dry skin, you can go on with honey and few drops of almond oil.

Exfoliate Regularly

Now alongside the moisturization, get ready to see the super awesome results of regular exfoliation. It will help get rid of the damaged dead skin and replace it with new fresh skin.

  • People with dry skin need almond powder, oats (crushed into powder), china clay and milk. Make a paste and apply on your skin.