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Skin Care

4 Types of French Clay Masks you Need

By November 18, 2018No Comments

Have you been hearing about French clay all over the place but have no idea what it is or how to use it? It’s a new trend and this clay is known to have amazing benefits for your skin. It comes in 4 different types and you can use it in a lot of ways.


French dust clay masks is available in a huge range of varieties which includes;

  1. Green Clay
  2. Pink Clay
  3. Yellow Clay
  4. Purple Clay

French clay soaks extra oil from the pores and skin and improves blood movement at some point of the skin.
The astringent residences of French clay additionally assist in shrinking the open pores and smooth out the wrinkles and great lines.
Consequently, French clay masks can be used as an powerful anti-getting old mud mask.

Green French Clay

The strong absorbent homes of this clay literally pull out oils, impurities and pollution from the pores and skin and stimulate cellular regeneration.

  • It additionally allows firming the skin and lowering infection as a result of acne. This can also can be used as a full body treatment.

Purple French Clay

Purple clay is produced from a aggregate of crimson and white clay. It’s far the mildest of clays that may be used in facial mud mask for normal skin, sensitive skin and mature pores and skin.

Yellow French Clay

Yellow clay receives its yellow color due to the presence of iron oxide in it, however it does no longer incorporate aluminium.

  • This clay is the smoothest of clays that make it the exceptional clay that may be used even on the smooth pores and skin of kids.
  • The detoxifying movement of this clay makes it a popular factor for detoxifying body wraps, herbal dust mask, face and body scrub, hair.

Pink French Clay

Pink clay receives its shade due to the presence of copper oxide in the clay. It is specifically beneficial as a herbal anti-growing old treatment.

  • The presence of iron oxide in this clay attracts out impurities and pollutants from the skin and affords a deep cleanse which softens, lightens and rejuvenates the pores and skin.