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Not everyone of us is a self taught makeup artist. We are all always learning, and we all make mistakes. But there are certain makeup mistakes that will cost you your age. Yes, there are makeup mistakes that will make you look older. How to avoid them? Read this article to find out.

The following makeup mistakes will make you look older and you need to avoid them at all costs.

No Blush

As we grow old, our skin starts to lose its natural colour and glow. This is all the more reason for you to use a blush. Try going for a cream based formula so that the glow looks more natural and part of your skin.

Blush on faiza beauty cream

Cakey Foundation

Putting on too much foundation is another huge mistake most of us make. Always use a tool to apply foundation and start light and gradually build up coverage. When caked on, foundation tends to show wrinkles and fine lines and we definitely don’t want that.

makeup foundations faiza beauty cream

Too Much Concealer

We know you want to hide those bags and you want to hide them well, but, if you put too much concealer under your eyes, you are only going to make it more prominent. Try choosing a concealer that has a creamy formula and is richly pigmented. This will give you more coverage without your under eyes looking like cake frosting.


Dark Lipstick

As we age, our lips start to get thin and when we put on dark colours, they look thinner. Dark colours have the effect of making your lips appear smaller than they are. Go with light and bright colours and use a gloss in the middle to give that plumped up look.

maroon lipstick faiza beauty cream

Mascara on Lower Eye Lashes

Mascara on lower eyelashes is a big no as you grow up. Instead of making your eyes look big, it makes them look droopy and makes you look old.

Mascaras faiza beauty cream