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Not one sane person would want their skin to break out into acne. We spend so much time on our hair and makeup and completely forget about our skin. We fail to realise that to have flawless makeup, we need flawless skin. How do you get clear skin though?

The amazing tips below will help you get clear skin in less than a month. Guaranteed!

Change your Pillowcase

Your pillowcase houses bacteria and other pore clogging germs. It collects dirt and oil from your hair and face and when your face touches that, all that will stick to it again. Gross, right? Make sure you are changing your pillowcases every week. This way you can avoid the bacterial build up that eventually shows up on your face.

Do Not Touch your Face

All day long, your hands accumulate dirt and bacteria. You touch countless objects that are crawling with germs and then you take those hands and place them on your face, giving easy access to all bacteria.


Stop Eating Greasy Foods

We know fried food is heavenly, but it’s poison for your skin. Eating greasy foods will give you acne. Try going for baked things or grilled things and if you still want something fried, invest in an air fryer.

Easy on the Stress

Stress is one of the major reasons behind acne. When you’re mentally disturbed or stressed, it shows on your skin. Your skin suffers the most. Try and relax. Meditate. And in general, try staying positive. Practice breathing techniques to relieve that stress.


Use Cleanser with Salicylic Acid

If you are someone who has got acne-prone skin, salicylic acid cleanser is a lifesaver because it’s the main agent that fights and prevents acne. Use it twice a day all over your face, and remember to moisturize afterwards as acne-fighting cleansers tend to dry out your skin a bit.