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Winter is just around the corner and with it comes a change in not just your wardrobe but what you eat. Winter foods are essential. They help you survive winter.

Here’s a list of winter foods you should incorporate in your diet as soon as winter hits!


We all love soup, don’t we? And the best part is they are so diverse. You can literally make a hundred different kinds of soups and they will all taste AHMAZING. Just try and hold your hands back a little on cream, salt and beef as they can be unhealthy if used abundantly. Use lots of broth and vegetables and pair your soup with whole grain crackers to make a full meal of it.



This grain is full of nourishment and contains all the nutrients you will need to survive winter. It contains high quantities of zinc and soluble fiber which is really good for the health of your heart. You can do so many things with oatmeal other than just making the good old porridge. You can turn it into cookies or energy bars and even make soup with it. Just look up ways you can cook oatmeal and have it every day!


Root Vegetables

Usually, you don’t find a lot of fruits and vegetables in winter because not all of them can withstand the harsh weather. But, you can find root vegetables throughout winter, like carrots, turnips and beets. They are full of vitamins and carrots especially are really good for skin because of beta carotene.

root vegetables

Broccoli and Cauliflower

These cruciferous vegetables may be your top defense against winter sickness. I mean you could get shots but hey, eating these doesn’t hurt so, why not? They are both high in vitamin C which makes them excellent for improving your immunity especially in winters.