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A few different homemade hair masks to get smooth and thick hair. Long and silky smooth hair is the desire of every woman. However, each girl/woman has a different hair type. The texture of your hair changes with the different seasons. During the winter the use of hot water damages the hair whilst in summer the accumulation of sweat becomes a cause for ruining the smoothness of hair. Another common problem is that of dandruff that results in hair thinning and causes hair to fall. In mother nature is the remedy of all hair problems. The decision is ours-whether to opt for organic methods or harsh chemical products to deal with the problem.

Here are a few organic recipes for hair masks that will help nourish your hair.

  1. Use of egg: egg yolk is rich in fat and proteins and will moisturize the hair whilst egg white is anti-bacterial that cleanses the scalp and prevents oiliness. So beat an egg and apply it to your scalp and hair. Leave it on for half hour and then wash it with mild shampoo. Repeat it twice or thrice a month.
  2. Mayonnaise hair mask: it makes the hair shiny, voluminous and hydrated. Take a quarter cup of mayonnaise and mix it with any essential oil and apply it to hair. Keep it on for half hour and then shampoo.
  3. Aloe vera gel hair mask: take 4-5 tbsp of aloe vera pulp and I tbsp. of olive oil and egg yolk. Mix it and apply to hair and scalp for half an hour. Wash it off with cold water. It is the best remedy for brittle and dry hair.use of aloe vera to get strong hair
  4. Banana and honey hair mask: this is good for those whose hair has been damaged due to hot tools and bleaching. Mash a rotten banana and mix it with 1 tbsp of Apply it to hair and scalp. Keep it on for half hour and wash with luke warm water. Shampoo as usual.
  5. Coconut oil and almond hair mask: mix 3-4 tbsp of egg white, 4-5 tbsp almond milk and 2 tbsp of coconut oil. Mix it and apply it to hair. Keep it on for an hour and then wash it off with cold water.
  6. Vinegar and yoghurt hair mask: an excellent remedy for oily and damaged hair and scalp. Whisk a tsp of vinegar in half a cup of yoghurt. A tsp of honey can also be added for effective results. Apply this mask and keep it on for an hour and then rinse it off.

So here were a few organic and natural hair masks to help improve the feel of your hair.