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Having hairy legs can definitely be frustrating. We all long to have smooth and soft legs. Do you want to shave your legs and get them silky soft? Well, here are a few steps that will help you get a flawless shave.

Steps to get the perfect shave

1-Shower before Shaving

Always shower with warm water before shaving. This opens up your pores and softens the hair making it easier for your razor to do its job. Take a shower like you usually do, and let your legs soak in the water so that they get time to be hydrated before shaving. Make sure that you’re not using hot water as it causes dryness and razor bumps.

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2- Exfoliate

It is extremely important to exfoliate your legs before shaving. This helps in the removal of dirt and dead skin cells which may cause razor bumps or ingrown hairs otherwise. You can exfoliate by using a loofah or an exfoliating cream. If you’re on a budget, you can DIY your own exfoliating scrub, it works just as well.

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3- Apply shaving cream

You have to use a shaving cream or some kind of protection for your skin against the blade. If you don’t have a shaving cream, you can use a conditioner or a shampoo. Do not use soap as it is known to dry out skin and cause flakiness. If you’re using a shaving cream, it is advisable to use the moisturizing kind like the ones that have aloe vera gel in them.

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4- Use Fresh Razors.

It is vital to use fresh razors and replace your razors regularly. Not only do old razors cause razor bumps but they also contain a lot of bacteria which can cause various skin infections. Therefore, it is better to use fresh and clean razors.

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