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Pollution in the air is the worst enemy for your skin. In your busy schedule, you often forget that you have to take remedial measures to fight pollution particles that are penetrating into what could have been your flawless skin deeper and deeper. Faiza beauty cream presents you the list of the 4 things that are damaging your skin even more.

1. Not Cleansing at Night

Whenever you feel lethargic and too tired to even move a muscle, ask yourself to have some courage. Because if you show laziness now, you will regret in the long run. Pollution particles that landed on your skin are at least 20 times smaller than the size of your pore. The size leads them to go deep inside the skin. This doesn’t only cause dehydration and inflammation, but it also resulted in a cellular-level reaction. Under this reaction the skin loses its firmness and elasticity. During night, the skin regenerates. Therefore a night-time application of an antioxidant cream like Faiza Beauty Cream is the perfect remedy to protect the skin against the free radical damage the skin suffered from during the daytime.

2. Using fake Beauty Creams

When some bad guys mix up the ingredients for beauty creams to sell to consumers, they do not care what goes into the mixture as long as it looks like the real cream. They aren’t chemists with degrees mixing up batches of harmful ingredients and perfume. They are just looking to make money in anyway possible. What you get are beauty products that contain dangerous chemicals that can cause allergic reactions and even permanent scarring from these reactions. Faiza Beauty Cream is is authenticated by PCSIR and also get the Brand of the year award in last four years. It gets amazing response from all over the Pakistan and it is women’s first choice.

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3. Effects of Free Radicals

Once pollution particles penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, they generate free radicals. These highly reactive molecules move around vulnerably with unpaired electrons. In order to create a bond, free radicals remove electrons from healthy skin cells. This leads to skin damage. In addition, free radicals are the main reason for increased inflammation which may trigger skin pigmentation, acne and rosacea. These highly reactive molecules also increasing the number of cell receptors that damage enzymes such as MMP-1. This leads to the breakdown of the skin’s scaffolding — collagen and elastin. Because of which the skin suffers from wrinkles and sagging.

4. Bad Water Quality

Bad Quality Water - Faiza Beauty Cream

Bad Quality Water

Often dermatologists and other beauticians are quick to conclude that the pollution is damaging your skin, but what is even a greater threat to the skin is bad quality of water. In regions only hard water is available. This type of water contains a lot of minerals which be irritant to the skin and can also lead to dryness.
It is essential to take care of our skin. While after a long tiring day nobody wants to leave the couch and stand in front of the mirror, but your little care will lead to a healthier skin. Always take notes about the factors that might lead to skin damage and try to reduce them or fight them as much as you can.