Eye makeup can be tricky to get completely right. Every one struggles with it but people who have to wear glasses struggle more. How do you pull off a winged eyeliner if the frame of your glasses is going to hide it? To solve just this problem, we decided to share makeup tips for people wearing glasses.

Makeup Tips For People Wearing Glasses

If you have been wearing glasses and thinking that you can not get a nice makeup done. Then here we are to tell you that this is an absolutely wrong approach. We know that it is a bit difficult to manage makeup but it is not impossible. Here we are sharing some simple tips which will help you in this regard.

1- Subtle Makeup Look

Firstly, it all comes down to the prescription of your glasses number. If the glasses mirror make your image magnified and they look like that. Then you need to get a subtle light makeup look. You need to tone down the shiny shadow. And go for neutral shades which are well blended. Also, only apply a thin layer of eyeliner with the natural tinged mascara for your eyes. So that your eyes do not appear to be exaggerated and magnified.

subtle makeup for wearing glasses
subtle makeup

2- Shimmering Shades

Just like above-mentioned prescription criteria, some people have been prescribed thin frames. This will not make the images magnified. So if you are wearing glasses of such type, then your eyes will appear smaller. Therefore, you need to choose the makeup look which makes your eye appear nice and bigger. What do you need to consider for that?

  • Avoid applying eyeliner on your lower lash line.
  • Also, avoid applying much darker shades of shadow colors.
  • And you need to focus on the lush shadows. Then to make your lids appear big you can choose shimmering shades of your own choice.

So these two are the major things that need to be put in consideration. Do not stress out if the makeup smudges your glasses, all you need to do is use a non-wet mascara. And do not forget to use Faiza Beauty Cream for better skin!