You must have envied the long thick hair at some time of your life. Some people have naturally stronger hair while some have thinner. But here we have a solution to every problem! Let us learn about tips to add volume to your hair. 


Tips To Add Volume To Your Hair

Honestly, we do not opt in the favor of using chemicals and other stuff for hairs. However, we will be telling you about the most easy and reasonable remedies. All you need to ensure is the practice and making it a routine. Rest the results will be evident for sure.

1- Massage Your Scalp Regularly

This is one of the simplest methods ever recommended. You need to take out time on weekends and get your scalp massaged. This will eventually increase the appropriate blood flow and promote the hair growth.

scalp massage to add volume
scalp massage

2- Turn Down The Exposure To Heat

It has been in practice for quite some time to use curlers and straighteners. And we will be strongly against this practice. You need to avoid this routine. The use of heat causes the excessive thinning of your hair thus reducing the volume. It is better to at least reduce the temperature.

3- Go Wavy Or Curly

You can change your hair style as well. Here we are not recommending to use the heat curlers. You can put on the curling bands to make curls or even make them wavy. This will amazingly add the apparent volume to your hair. Plus the new look will look nice.

Curly faiza beauty cream

4- Have A Volume Adding Cut

If you are up for a haircut. Then we advise you to get a volume adding. As you can ask the stylist to choose the hair cutting which will settle nicely but not short. And will make your hair appear thicker and with a better volume.