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Sometimes following the old trends do a lot of harm to us. And it is advised to make small changes in your beauty routine. Here we will be sharing some of the similar changes which will make big differences. 


Changes In Beauty Routine To Make Difference

So firstly these tips are all tried and there are no harms in them. We have experimented all of the following looks and they look great on you. So let us begin with them to make a huge difference in our life from now onwards.

1- Blow Dry Hair On The Wrong Side

Okay, do not get startled now. By blowing hair on the wrong side we mean that you need to blow on the opposite side where parting falls. In this way, the hair will not fall flat on your scalp. And there will be a nice bounce and body.

Hair Blow Dry as beauty routine

Hair Blow Dry

2- Brush Eyebrows Backwards

You might have heard about this already. But let us share it again. You need to brush your eyebrows in the backward direction before filling them. And after filling them, brush them in the normal direction. In this way, you will have natural looking full brows.

3- Need To Line Your Water Line

This is also very easy practice. All you need to do is to add a white eyeliner to both of the water line and the tight line. The benefit is that your eyes will look much bigger. We recommend you to make this your daily habit.

4- Spray Your Perfume All Over

So it is a common practice that we often apply the perfume on neck and wrists.

Perfume Spray

Perfume Spray

However, you need to change this and spray the perfume all over. And honestly, you will be smelling more pleasant than ever before.