Who doesn’t want to smell good, right? Of course, we all do but sadly, the fragrances we own have a mind of their own. If you are an unfortunate owner of fragrances that don’t last, then you have come to the right place. This article will tell you some hacks that will make your fragrances last and you will smell good for a long, long time!

These hacks will help you smell good so the next time you go out, you do so with confidence without having to carry a bottle of perfume in your bag.

1- Use Vaseline

Vaseline is an occlusive ointment. What it does is that it helps hold the fragrance for a longer amount of time. Just rub some vaseline on your pulse points like neck, wrist etc. and then spray on your fragrance. You will definitely notice the difference.

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2- Spray at the Right Time

Yes, there is a right time to spray yourself with perfume. The ideal time is to use it after you’ve just gotten out of the shower. This helps the fragrance to get in your pores and that way, it lasts longer. The moisture from the shower also helps lock the scent in.

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3- Spray at the Right Place

If you want to smell good for long, be sure to spray in the right place. The ideal places to go for are the pulse points and warm areas of your body. Spraying on warm areas helps diffuse the fragrance through your entire body and spraying on pulse points allows the scent to rise through the day.

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4- Keep it in Your Bag

It doesn’t hurt to keep perfume in your bag. But, if you are short on space, we have a way out for you. Just spray a few cotton swabs with your perfume and put them in a zip lock bag. Keep this with you at all times and use it to touch up.

5- Make your Clothes Smell Good

Spritzing perfume all over your body is not enough. Your clothes should also smell fresh and clean and good. We know how you can achieve that. Just spray on some perfume to the lining of your drawers. You can also place a good scented perfume in a thin layer of tissue paper and keep it in your drawer of clothes.