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3 Kitchen Ingredients to Use to Get Fair Skin

Light skin is often something we all wish for. These days watching models and influencers with a fair and bright complexion can sometimes leave you feeling insecure about your skin tone. You might feel like a light complexion is all you need to feel beautiful. Although this is not true and all skin colours are equally beautiful, you can still try to reboost your confidence and feel good about your looks by trying out the following remedies to get fair skin naturally without using toxic chemicals or bleaching methods that can damage your skin over time.



Tomato extract and lemon juice

Surprisingly, tomatoes are found to lighten skin tone and brighten up the skin by removing dead cells. All you need to do is slice up a tomato and rub the slice in gentle circular motions over your face for about five to ten minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Apply toner and moisturiser afterwards to keep the skin cells healthy and hydrated.

2- Lemon

Lemon has natural bleaching properties that have been used for skin whitening since ancient times. Take the juice from one lemon, add a few drops of rosewater or tap water to dilute the acidic properties of the lemon. Dip a cotton pad in the mixture and apply thoroughly to the face. Let sit for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Lemon juice can be a bit harsh on the skin so don’t forget to moisturise your skin afterwards.

3- Milk


Milk contains loads of vitamins including Vitamin A which helps to remove dirt and excess oils from the top layer of the skin, leaving your skin lighter and brighter. It also contains lactic acid which gently whitens the skin when used consistently. Soak a cotton pad in milk and dab all over the face. Let sit for a while and wash off with lukewarm water.