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Like art, it is impossible to put on beautiful makeup without good brushes. It’s all about the angles and coverage they provide. While good makeup brushes can cost up to hundreds of dollars but they are worth the investment. Here are some basic makeup brushes that you need to know about.

Major Types of Makeup Brushes

1- The Foundation Makeup Brushes

Foundation brush is designed to attain a smooth and ideal finish. And is used to use liquid or cream basis easily over your skin for a refined end. Tapered to reach even the ones hard to get areas consisting of the inner eye and around the nose.

powder brush

2- Powder Brush

The fullest hair and rounded finish is ideal for sweeping loose or pressed powders. Which will give a great shimmer.

3- Blush On Brush

This one is a small spherical brush. Made with first-class, gentle fibres the blusher brush has a rounded head that is ideal for giving a pop of coloration to the apples of your cheeks. It’s far used to maintains blush at the apples of the cheeks and allows prevent ‘over-blushing.’ Smooth enough for touchy skin however firm enough to deposit a wealthy dose of color.

4- The Eyeliner Brush

This angled firm brush is used for eye liner and works with eye shadow powders to line eyes, achieving a natural or smoky, smudgy look.

5- Fine Tip Brush

The more fine tip of this brush grants particular liquid and gel eyeliner application. For particular lining and dramatic definition, this ultra fine line brush pinpoints the lash base and gives a crisp, smooth line.

6- Brow Groomer Makeup Brushes

Brushing brows each day keeps brows shapely and allows stimulate forehead boom. This brush is terrific for blending forehead pencil colors or powder hues into forehead hair for a herbal look. Turn facet has a slender teeth comb for separating eyelashes.

7- Beauty Blender

Use this light brush to combination eye co lours and to highlight the forehead bone. Blending eye shadow is prime to a professional, polished appearance. This gentle blending sponge with rounded tip easily blends hues even in the internal eye location.

makeup brush

8- The Lip Brush

The sculpted tip of a lip brush is ideal for attaining a perfect line. This company brush provides you the smoothest lipstick appearance ever because of its contour shape. Which in turn helps lipstick colors appearance more intense and closing longer.