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The thing is, you don’t have to buy everything at the market. There are some things that you can make on your own. In fact, you should prefer to make them yourself as they will be free from chemicals and stuff. You can use milk to make butter. It is natural, healthy, free from chemicals and with our method, you don’t even need a churner!

Make Butter From Milk



Collect Cream From Milk

  1. Gather cream from boiling milk.
  2. Warm milk over medium flame in an open mouthed vessel.
  3. You can see a layer of cream forming on the top.
  4. Now the use of a easy ladle, collect the effervescent cream from the top.
  5. Permit the gathered cream to chill and shop it within the fridge or freezer.
  6. Acquire the cream Everyday in the same container and shop it in the freezer.

2- Make Curd With Leftover Milk

We consume curd often and use the leftover milk to make curd. When you have curd at home, then just upload the leftover milk and depart it in a heat vicinity overnight. Store it in the fridge to save you over-fermentation.

3- Equipment To Make Butter

The butter churner is stirred vigorously in each guidelines with the palms. That allows you to help in isolating the butter from the cream / curd.


4- Make Butter From Cream

  1. After freezing switch the cream into an open mouthed vessel.
  2. Soon you’ll discover the butter receives separated from the cream to the facet of the vessel.
  3. Scoop out the butter the usage of a ladle and keep it in a separate container but do no longer throw away the leftover as it’s far milk simplest with out cream and may be used.

5- Make Butter This From The Curd

  1. Transfer the curd into an open mouthed vessel.
  2. Quickly you may find the butter is getting separate from the curd to the aspect of the vessel.
  3. Scoop out the mixture using a ladle and keep it in a separate field.
  4. This can comprise little little bit of whey, but there’s not anything to worry approximately that as we are able to make easy it quickly.
butter from curd faiza beauty cream

6- Drain Out Milk From The Mixture

  1. The usage of a spoon, beat it again and again in a circular movement, and convey it to the perimeters.
  2. Drain out the liquid. Repeat this manner till all liquid is drained out from the box.
  3. By time and again pressing the butter with the spoon and you could drain out all of the final drops of liquid.
  4. Now you have acquired what is called pure butter.