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Do you struggle with nails that are weak and brittle? Brittle nails are the worst. You spend so much time growing the, grooming them only to have them break on you. If you want stronger nails you are going to have to work for it. If you make these foods a part of your regular diet, your nails will definitely grow stronger.


How to Get Stronger Nails

There is a long list of foods that make you even more beautiful. Let’s look into the list of our interest. Make sure that you do add these foods in your daily food regime. Because we promise to recommend the best for our consumers.

1- Eggs

Eggs have a very important protein inside it. These proteins are crucial for making your beautiful nails grow stronger and avoid them from breaking. One of the crucial protein is Biotin.


2- Beans

Just like eggs, beans are also playing a vital role in making nails beautiful nails and stronger. They are rich in several nutrients and proteins. They are having large percentage of Biotin inside. Beans make sure that you do not ever complain about brittle nails.

3- Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are one of the best nutritious seeds ever. Just aside from the topics, they taste yummy too. So sunflower seeds are a rich source of copper and manganese. Also they are known fro the property of boosting the growth of the connective tissue. So consuming sunflower seeds is a good bye to the brittle nails and a hello to the beautiful nails.

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