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If your hair has ever had an enemy, it’s dandruff. It not only ruins your looks by poking out if your scalp and flaking off on your clothes. But, it also eats at your scalp, damages your roots and leads to major hair problems like hair fall etc. How does one get rid of dandruff though? We can tell you it won’t be happening with some anti-dandruff shampoos. Find out how to get rid of dandruff here.


What Causes Dandruff?

Some of the primary reasons of having dandruff are consumption of immoderate oily and fatty food, stress, tension, tension and stress.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff?

1- Use Black Pepper

Take 10gms black pepper powder. Upload one lime juice and one tablespoon milk to it. Observe this aggregate to your scalp. Allow it stand for an hour. Then wash off with plain water.

2- Use Fenugreek to Get Rid of Dandruff

Heat one cup coconut oil and upload one tablespoon crushed fenugreek seed. Let the oil boil for someday. Cool and strain. practice it generously everywhere in the scalp. Depart it on for 2 hours. Rinse and wash off.

3- Warm Oil Remedy

This is the most commonly recognised cure to get rid of dandruff. Warm 1/2 cup coconut oil. Rub down well into the scalp. Wrap a warm, moist towel round your head. (Soak your towel in the hot water. Being very careful now not to burn your palms, cast off the towel, wring it out over the sink, and wrap the towel around your head.). Leave the towel on your head for half-hour. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water. In place of coconut oil, you can take olive oil or wheat germ oil.

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4- Gram Flour Remedy

Take tablespoon of gram flour(also referred to as chickpea powder). Upload a teaspoon of curd and sufficient water to make a clean paste. Apply this paste everywhere in the scalp and hair. Allow it stand for half of hour. Rinse with warm water very well.

5- Raw Onion Remedy

Take a raw onion and grind it to first-class paste. Apply this paste all around the scalp and leave it for an hour. Wash your hair thoroughly with water. At remaining, rub your scalp and hair with lemon juice so as to take away the onion scent.