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Makeup do’s and don’ts can be such a hard thing to remember some times. There is just so much that can go wrong. You just need to remember the basics. Putting makeup on is like science, you have to learn and practice. Today, we will tell you about common mistakes people make while using eye shadows so you can avoid them.


Things To Avoid While Putting Eye shadows

Here we have made some amazing tips to follow. One thing you need to keep in mind is that these things are recommended by the professionals. So do not worry if your face will not get along with these guidelines or not.

1- You Skipped the Primer

So let us begin with the first thing to know. You need to apply primer before applying the eyeshadows. This actually provides a strengthening force. It acts more specifically like a magnet for the pigment of eyeshadows. Also, this will help is moisturizing the dry eyelids.

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2- You Didn’t Do Eye Makeup First

We are often told that you should go for applying the makeup at the end. However, this is not right. We recommend you to do it at the start because it will help your concealer to remain settled.

3- You are Not Using the Right Brushes for Eye Shadows

You must have seen that people are often using small plastic brushes with a spongy foam on the top. However, these are not the perfect ones. You need to get the brushes with bristles. Reason being that they are flexible and can help in blending the makeup more appropriately.

4- You are Ignoring the Lower Lash Line

We totally understand that it is not easy to apply the eyeshadow on your lower lash line. But you need to do this. Simply use a pencil brush or a small tapered brow brush for this purpose. Now blend it with the color of your choice and apply.