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If you have brittle nails, we feel your struggle. In a world where long nails have been trending for years, living with brittle nails can be really hard. Fortunately for you, nature has ways to help make your nails strong. Just read today’s article to find out how!

Remedies To Make Your Nails Strong

Nails are one of the important features of a person which attract others. Some people put too much focus on the proper growth of nails. However, sometimes we face the problems of brittleness or thinness of nails. These problems are quite irritating at times. Here we will be sharing some tips to make make your nails strong

1- Use of Vitamin E Oil

One of the reasons why nails break is lack of moisture. For this reason, Vitamin E oil is amazing. It provides the right amount of moisture to the nails. You can apply it directly on nails and then massage properly. This will improve the blood flow as well. Another method is to take the capsules of vitamin E for this purpose.

Vitamin E Oil faiza beauty cream
Vitamin E Oil

2- Use of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another amazing oil for the best of health. It plays a strong role in the maintenance of the nails. It will keep the moisture levels maintained of the nail beds and also it will prevent the growth of infection. Now, to apply it you to need to lukewarm it and then rub it. Do this for five minutes and repeat it a couple of times every day.

Coconut oil for thin nails faiza beauty cream
Coconut oil

3- Use of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a very useful liquid for solving almost all health problems. It is amazingly rich in a variety of nutrient and vitamins. Other than making the nails strong, it will also prevent the growth of infections. All you need to do is to mix some apple cider vinegar with the water and then soak your fingers in it. Immediately after doing it you need to push back your cuticles.