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If you are someone who has naturally frizzy hair, we feel your pain and you have our sympathies. They can be such a nightmare to tame and style. They would never behave when you need them to and would make you wish you were bald. But, don’t worry. We have some tips here for you that will help you fix your frizzy hair problem, even if it’s just temporary.

We have some tips to help you with your hair situation.

1- Use a Hair Mask

Before shampooing, apply any hair mask to your hair for at least 30 minutes. It could be coconut oil mixed with some essential oil or whatever you know suits your hair. Trust me when I say this, it moisturizes your hair and you need that moisture!

hair mask

2- Get a Frizz Free Shampoo

Choose your shampoo wisely. Shampoos that have sulphur damage hair and cause it to frizz. Try purchasing a product that’s rich in glycerin. It will help your hair get heavy and fall down which in turn reduces frizz.


3- Always Condition

It is essential that you condition your hair in monsoon even if you don’t do it all year round. And use A LOT of conditioner because again, it will make your heavy and help them fall down a little bit more.


4- Toothbrush and Hair Spray are your BFFs

If after all that shampooing, you still can’t get them to sit down and behave, get the big guns out. Like your toothbrush and hair spray.

Spray it to areas where the hair is standing up and tame them down with a toothbrush. Simple.

The hair spray will keep them in their place. Promise!

toothbrush hair

5- Use a Braid

If you don’t want to braid your hair during day to hide the frizz, braid them before you go to bed. It will keep your hair in place and you will wake up to non frizzy hair.

Source: WikiHow

6- Brush as Much as Possible

You should brush your hair at night before going to bed so your natural oils are distributed and they can nourish and tame your hair. Brush them in the morning as well. Remember, brushing your hair promotes hair health by allowing the blood to circulate and distributing your scalp’s natural oils.

Invest in a good brush that’s soft on your scalp.

brushing hair