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With summer around, tan in exposed skin areas is bound to follow. One of the most affected areas is our hands. We don’t take particular care of them and due to constant sun exposure, they tend to become tan. Tan hands are such a nuisance because after your face, your hands are the thing that get noticed first so it’s important that they appear at their best.

The following home remedies listed below are super easy to use. We guarantee that they will remain in your budget and will give you the desired results in no time. You will no longer have to worry about tan hands during summer this year.

Yogurt and Turmeric Paste

Now here is the most common remedy for you. Take a bowl and add yogurt to it and almost one tablespoon full of turmeric powder. Now mix it and apply on the tanned hands. You can let it settle for fifteen to half an hour and wash it off with the normal regular water. It will not only moisturize your skin but also make the skin tone even.

turmeric faiza beauty cream

Lemon Juice

This is also very convenient and in budget remedy for you. You can squeeze out the juice from the lemons and apply on your skin. Let it settle for some time and wash off. The result will be evident! This is mainly because of the vitamin c or commonly known as ascorbic acid present within it.

Lemon for sun tan

Almond Paste

Okay, we understand that almonds are a bit expensive. But the result will be faster and stronger than the previous two. You need to blend the almonds with some full fat or any available milk. Make it a thick consistent paste. Now apply it on your skin and let it rest for one night. In the morning wash it away and you will be amazed by a clear amazing skin tone difference!

almonds for dark neck

Make sure to comment on your experience and list down the remedies which you think are amazing!