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How many times have you woken up to a face supporting extremely puffy eyes? How many times have you looked in the mirror and wondered whether your eyes are even there or not because they were so puffed up? De-puffing puffy eyes is something that we all struggle with but if you follow our tips, it shouldn’t be that hard. Read more to find them out!

There are many factors that can cause puffing up of the eyes. If you are looking for de-puffing of puffy eyes then it’s important that you understand things that can cause it.

  • Your weight loss plan plays a primary role in triggering the swelling of eyes.
  • If salty meals shape the fundamental part of your diet, you are liable to this disorder.
  • In addition, persistent sinusitis and hypersensitive reactions are the alternative major threats that cause puffiness of the eyes.
  • Chemicals and irritants, typically observed in perfumes.

Use of Dried Tea Leaves

Green tea in addition to black tea can soothe the puffy eyes. Caffeinated tea can constrict blood vessels as well as reduce swelling. on the other hand, herbal teas feature anti-irritant properties that soothe infection and redness.

Tea leaves faiza beauty cream
Tea leaves
  1. Add two packets of tea in lukewarm water for approximately three to five minutes.
  2. Follow the percent on the eyes and cover both the eyes with a softer material.
  3. If you are applying this treatment during the summer months, you have to positioned the tea pack inside the refrigerator, earlier than applying it to your eyes. You will get surprised with the final results.

Stay Hydrated at all Times

Dehydration, from time to time, triggers puffiness of the eyes and hence, you want to keep your self hydrated. If you see a swollen and red eye, increase the extent of water consumption.

You can even choose fruit juices so that it will offer arrays of fitness benefits, in addition. Likewise, making use of splashes of water for a few times daily can reduce the swelling issues.

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Use Cucumbers to Soothe

Cut the cucumber is rounded slices and places it on both the eyes. Place on the cucumber slices to the eye for about 15 mins. Cucumber holds the potential to lessen the skin wrinkles in an effort to be an added advantage.


Corriander Helps

Coriander possesses medicinal houses as well as the ability to assuage the swollen eye. further, coriander is a worth treatment to several varieties of eye ailments. shape padding with thin cotton fabric and take coriander seeds internal. You need to hold it soaked in water for a span of few hours. You will get a alleviation from the issues of swollen eyes in case you rinse your eye with this water. Practice this system for three to four instances every day for two to 3 days.