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As we age, various parts of our body and skin start to sag. One of the worst things to come out of this sagging is double chin. It isn’t just caused due to ageing, a lot of other factors play a role in bringing this one to light. But don’t worry, if you follow the tips we have shared, your double chin days are going to be over soon!

Here are a few simple and inexpensive ways in which you can lose your double chin days!

Chin Exercises

It may sound cliched but exercises do work and especially in this case, a little can go a long way. Chin exercises help tone and stretch the muscles in your face, neck and jaw and makes it easy to get rid of the problem.

Keep your spine erect and slowly tilt back your head until you can see the ceiling. Now, make a pout with your lips and hold this position for 5 seconds. Do around 5-10 reps and keep doing this several times a day. You will start seeing results in a couple of weeks.

chin exercise
Source: Live Strong

Wheat Germ Oil

The wheat germ oil has an abundance of vitamin E which helps nourish and tighten skin. Just massage your neck in upward direction, i.e. from your neck to your chin every night before going to bed for 10-15 minutes. Do this every night and you will start noticing a change within a few weeks.

wheat germ oil
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Egg Whites

Generally, egg whites good skin tighteners. Whisk together two egg whites and add to them a tablespoon each of honey, lemon juice and milk. Apply this on your chin and neck area and let it dry for 30 minutes. Afterwards, wash with lukewarm water. Do this once a day for fast results.

egg whites

Chewing Gum

It may sound weird but this is the best and most relied upon trick in the book. Chewing gum is actually an effective way to get rid of double chin and to also avoid getting it ever again. Chewing on a gum exercises the jaw muscles and helps to tone them resulting in eliminating the mass accumulating under your chin. Just chew on a sugar free gum several times a day!

chewing gum