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Some times, due to a number of factors the pores on our skin become larger than usual. When that happens, they become considerably visible and make your skin look bad. Enlarged pores can be such a nightmare and chemical treatments only seem to make them worse. This is why we are sharing some natural remedies with you to reduce enlarged pores and their appearance on your skin.

So, as we have said earlier that skin care is most important part of beauty. Every woman prefers to have a nice smooth skin. And it is not achieved in case of the large size pores. They have a large number of disadvantages. Here we will be discussing a couple of remedies to treat them.

Tea Tree Oil

Firstly, we know that it is a bit expensive. But honestly, it is totally worth it. This oil will help in reducing the pore sizes in two amazing ways. Firstly, it will work as an astringent and cause the shrinking down of the pores. Secondly, it will prevent the microbes from building up in the pores and causing them to enlarge.

You can use it by adding some water and then storing in a spray bottle.

Egg White

It might not sound a bit appealing to you. But yet again it has amazing benefits to offer as well. The egg white not only helps in shrinking the pores size, but it also tightens your skin.

egg whites
egg whites

You need to mix egg whites with lemon and oatmeal. Afterward, make a paste and apply on skin.


Honey is one of the best remedies for any of the skin problems. It contains amazing antioxidants which will reduce the pore size and keep the skin tight. You need to simply apply it to the raw skin for ten minutes and wash it away with lukewarm water. After some time wash with cool water. Results will be evident after a couple of days.