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The words moisturization and hydration are thrown around a lot. It’s common skin care jargon but not everyone knows the difference between the two. There is a unique difference between hydrating and moisturizing and to properly understand what your skin needs, you need to first understand what they each mean.

Is Hydrating and Moisturizing the Same?

So let us begin with the skin moisturizing products first. We will be looking in detail and basics of both hydration and moisture. And this will eventually help you decide which is your need. Thus making sure that your skin needs are understood properly and fulfilled with care.

What Are Skin Moisturizing Products?

Now let us begin with the role of the products termed as moisturizers. The main role of the such skin care products is to reduce the levels of loss of water. This water is particularly termed as the trans epidermal water loss. And the loss is topped by creating a barrier on the surface of the skin.

How It Works?

These products tend to work by retaining the moisture which is already present in the skin. Now, once they are applied they will prevent the escape or loss of that by the formation of the barrier. Well, dryness is issue in those whose skins have damaged lipid barrier. Therefore, these products are used which aid the maintenance.

skin moisturizing products

What Is Skin Hydration?

Now, the role of these skin hydrating products is a bit different. Hydrating products are those products which increase the moisture levels in the skin.

How It Works?

These products work by using various ingredients like humectants. They work by absorbing the moisture from the and then binding it in the skin and retaining it. Now, some of the hydrating products have the ability to do so but they do not penetrate deep into the skin.

You need to remember that, first you have to apply the hydrating products. And dafter them, apply the moisturizing products.