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Applying makeup is an actual art. It requires technique and precision. Like every art piece has something that sets the tone and base for it, makeup has that too and it’s called the foundation. Getting ideal foundation coverage can be hard but it is necessary if you want the perfect look so here is how you achieve it.

We decided to share with you a few tips that would help you achieve the ideal foundation coverage in no time!

Use a Brush

It is essential that you apply your foundation using some sort of tool. The best tool however is a brush. We suggest using a domed brush to apply your foundation. Use it to buff the foundation into your skin using light circular motions. This way, you will use less product and slowly build up your coverage.

makeup brush

Highlight before Using Foundation

This is one technique that will make your skin look like it’s glowing naturally. Applying highlighter before the foundation gives your foundation a nice natural glow, and it looks a part of your skin. Especially if you are looking to use full coverage foundation because as the day goes on, it may start to matte and appear dull. If you have a highlighter underneath, you will get the glow to last throughout the day.

Apply Foundation Literally Everywhere

Please, please know that a foundation is not just for your face. You need to cover skin everywhere to avoid major fashion and makeup blunders. You don’t want your face and neck to look like they belong to two different people. If you are fair skinned and your ears tend to turn pink, then you can cover those with your foundation too.

loreal foundation

If you are going for a tan look, then be sure to cover the showing parts of your legs and arms in foundation too.

Applying foundation is all about technique and discipline. If you follow the above tips, your foundation will never look out of place.