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With summer about to drop in, you should be prepared for all the trouble that comes with it. Summer is not everyone’s favourite season and rightly so. Summer brings with it a lot of skin and hair related drama, the worst of which is sunburns. Today we decided to tell you how you can treat sunburns this summer.

Here are a few remedies that will help you treat sunburns.

Cold Milk

You must know cold milk is known for its cooling and skin healing properties. The proteins and vitamins in milk help pull the heat away from the burn site and eases inflammation by shrinking swollen cells. The lactic acid helps the skin shed dead cells so that the immune system can kick in and heal.



If, for some reason, you don’t have access to cold milk, don’t worry. Just substitute it with cold yogurt.

Press the yogurt saturated compress on the affected area while being careful not to rub the inflamed region.


Cold Water

It’s simple physics. Law of heat exchange. Applying cold water allows the heat to leave the burnt are and lets it cool down. It’s not as gentle or as nourishing as milk but gets the job done. Just remember to be very gentle, and to not do this for a long time as it could do more harm than good.

And do not use direct ice to your skin. Use cold water, draw a cold bath/shower but never let cold ice directly touch your skin.

ice water

Aloe Vera

This miracle plant has a naturally cooling effect on your skin and it’s perfect because it doesn’t trap the heat, rather it lets your skin breathe allowing it to release the heat continuously. It eases pain and soothes down the burn site. Just apply aloe vera gel to the affected area and let it do it’s magic.

aloe-vera faiza beauty cream


After your skin has cooled down, you need to moisturize it with a light weight moisturizer so it can lock your skin’s moisture in without trapping heat, so that your skin isn’t damaged.

It will also lock the coolness and help in the process of getting your skin back to normal.