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With summer just around the corner, we thought we would drop by and share some summer related tips with you. For most of us, our hair changes its habits with the changing season. Seasons do have an effect on how our hair behaves which is why today, we will be sharing some summer hair masks with you.

These ideal for summer hair masks will help you get through the season with your hair looking as gorgeous and shiny as ever!

The Egg Mask

Except your hair is extraordinarily broken or undergoes normal chemical or warmness processing, you could only rely on egg white hair pack for the identical effects that is extremely gentle and vivid hair.


  • In reality beat two or extra egg whites in a bowl and brush the combination in your scalp.
  • Use essential oils for added punch and to masks the egg perfume like Rosemary, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, black pepper or every other vital oil which is stimulating will work well.
  • Just a few drops of it and you are top to head.
egg whites

The Yogurt Mask

Avoid this if you have dandruff issues as it makes your scalp too oily which in turn will increase the hassle in preference to reducing it.

  • At once applying curd to scalp and hair length enables.
  • Do not add some thing else and do now not combine egg with yogurt.
    This has grow to be type of a trend to apply clay mask on hair for cleansing and nourishment functions since the no-shampoo movement has started.
  • Now not that I am advocating you to discard your shampoos but using clay mask on your hair can be very useful.
yogurt faiza beauty cream

The Clay Mask

There are one of a kind sorts of clays suitable for different types of skin.

  • For dry pores and skin or scalp, you must use rhassoul clay which is ideal at extracting the toxins and dirt and does now not dry the hair.
  • In case your scalp is oily, use an oil soaking up clay like fuller’s earth.
  • Combining clay with honey presents added gain of now not being overly drying.
  • And, the trick to using clay masks is to not permit the masks get dry absolutely. preserving it on for an hour is more than sufficient.